Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Labels

I had ordered my own design labels a long time ago and finally I got them! My brother, Maris, actually designed this logo for me with Photoshop. I love it! So now everyone getting presents from me will have my design label on it. So on the left there is a woven label, but the picture on the right is showing the stickers. All my towels, aprons and cards will have their own label next time! 


Again one of my favorites! Presents to my mum's sister's family in the far Australia. I like giving personal presents, so I have found that if I just cross-stitch a small little picture and sew it on something, that makes a nice gift!
They sent me some really cute pictures where Timothy and Oliver are holding their presents from me. Tim chose the hedgehog, but Ollie always loves birdies, so he got the towel with owl. Parents got the two other ones. Cuties! :)

Frog Prince

As I love frogs, this is one of my favorite projects! Another present to a very dear person. And another apron. This time it is not only a cross-stitched picture, but there is also patchwork method used. See those green-beige-dark green squares on the bottom of the apron?


I totally love this idea of cross-stitched cards! I almost never buy cards, so this is a new way making my own. Until now, I have just made two. I usually make scrapbook cards with a picture. Of course, this takes a lot of more time, but if you plan a little ahead, it works! 

Blue Tit

A cross-stitched birdie sewed on an apron. It was a present, as most of my projects. 


And another towel with a cross-stitched flower. But this time it is sewed on a kitchen towel.


This towel was a present for a very dear person. That was the first time I did something like this. I cross-stitched three flowers and then sew them on a large bath towel I had bought.

Black & White

My bed cover with matching pillows. This is my first project using patchwork method. For pillows, the flowers are sewn on using different styles of stitching for every single petal.